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Mr Samui (Suphot)


 Please contact the driver directly, as we dont have the resources to process all bookings by email during the peak season. His Number is +668-9060-6440

Beware! We do not accept bookings or requests through the forum.



Brand new Toyota Fortuner in possession


NEW - Just came back from Bangkok to Samui with our new Toyota Commuter! 

Mr Samui

Mr Samui is a private taxidriver who provides transportation services on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Do you have a question to former customers? Write in the forum below!

Or did you just want to share your Mr Samui-experience? Then click in to the "About-us"-page and write in the "Words from customers"-forum!

(Please dont ask your trip-questions addressed to Mr Samui, regarding prices etc. in the forum)


Date: 31/08/2012

By: Scott

Subject: Sorry

Sorry- I thought this was your email. Can't find it viewing on my mobile device.

Date: 03/09/2012

By: Terese - Web manager

Subject: Re: Sorry



Date: 31/08/2012

By: Mr. Scott Ashworth

Subject: Airport to Renaissance Hotel

Hi. Can you please advise me on the charge for transfer from the Samui airport to the Renaissance Koh Samui? Arriving on Sept 20 at 13:30 hours. There are two of us traveling.

Thank you,
Scott Ashworth

Date: 29/07/2012

By: Leon

Subject: Minivan for 10 + Driver


I'm coming to Samui in August from 12 to 19 with family. What would be the cost of a daily rate of a minivan and driver. Thanks

Date: 15/08/2012

By: Mr samui

Subject: Re: Minivan for 10 + Driver

Hi! Please send us an email with you requests instead!

Date: 02/07/2012

By: Allan

Subject: car samui to phuket

is there any service for samui phuket samui trip?

Date: 28/03/2012

By: Terry

Subject: Island tour

Hi, am currently in lamai and was hoping to do an island tour in next few days; before Sunday. There are 2 of us. Would you be able to accommodate us? If so, which day and could you give me a local contact number and a rough idea of cost?

Thank you for your help.


Terry bailey

Date: 29/03/2012


Subject: Re: Island tour


Please call Suphot +66890606440 and he will help you to book your tour :)

Date: 08/03/2012

By: Mr Samui

Subject: The new forums

Hi everybody!

If you're wondering what happened to all the posts in this forum, I've got the answer! We wanted to create two different forums, one for customers who want to share something about their Mr Samui experience. You will find that one on the "about us"-page. And the second is this one, where you can ask your questions, both to us, and to other travellers!

But as said above: please spare your price-questions, and send them via email instead!

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