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Mr Samui (Suphot)


 Please contact the driver directly, as we dont have the resources to process all bookings by email during the peak season. His Number is +668-9060-6440

Beware! We do not accept bookings or requests through the forum.



Brand new Toyota Fortuner in possession


NEW - Just came back from Bangkok to Samui with our new Toyota Commuter! 

About Us

Mr Samui offers local services, transportation to and from airport, taxi tourist services by the hour, and lots of laughter!

Mr Samui is a very genuin and happy taxidriver who always wants to help every tourist on Samui! Travellers who have used Mr Samui for different transportation services often recommend him at various travel forums, which we appreciated alot!

Mr Samui is also the one to call, if you need a helping hand. See the following feedback from our gests.
From M. Klausen, Denmark:

"Members of my family came to Samui for a 3 week vacation. But the accommodation they had organized from home turned out to be very unsuitable for small children. They called me the day after their arrival, in tears, "you have been here before, do you know a place we can go to stay instead?” Well, I did not - but luckily I knew the number of Mr Samui! I called him and organized for him to go and pick them up.
He drove them arrount to see different places, calling and asking for vacansies as they went along – and helped them negotiate price etc. With his help, they found the perfect place to stay and had a wonderful vacation for the rest of the 3 weeks.

Thank you so much for saving their vacation!

From R. Dreier, Norway:

"As I arrived at the airport, the handle of my very expensive travel hand bag came off :-(
(It had happend before, but now a piece of the bouckle was missing)
Getting a new bag should not be a problem on Samui, but I was realy sad about my bag and did not want to by a new - of, othervise, less quality.
For a couple of days I was considering what to do (I needed a bag as I was going to travel arround Asia in the following weeks).
Then I got the brilliant idea to ask Mr Samui if he knew of someone who could fix my bag - and of course he did!
The repair cost me 80 baht + I paid Mr Samui for the time he spent taking the bag to and from the repair shop.
Money well spent as the repair was beautifully made.... and I bet you the handle will never come off again :-)
Mr Samui will always do his best to make you holiday as happy and pleasant as possible!

Words from customers

Date: 25/10/2014

By: darrell gagne

Subject: Re: Great tour with Mr Samui

i would like to know what a 5 hour tour would cost and how much did you tip him? my son and his wife and i will be there in early febuary and we are trying to budget and plan what to do ,so any advice would be very thankful

Date: 08/03/2012

By: Maria

Subject: very saticfied!


Just wanted to say thanks for your awesome services! Your islandtrip och snorkeling was perfect, just our family and a relaxed atmosphere. Is was nice to get away from the big tourist groups!

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