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Mr Samui (Suphot)


 Please contact the driver directly, as we dont have the resources to process all bookings by email during the peak season. His Number is +668-9060-6440

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Mr Samui

Mr Samui is a private taxidriver who provides transportation services on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

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Date: 23/10/2013

By: Amy Cheng

Subject: 29 Oct 2013 -31 oct 2013

Hi Mr Samui

We are coming from Singapore and arriving at Koh Samui on 29 oct 930 am on Bangkok airways PG4221 and leaving for Singapore on 31 Oct 1630 pm.

We will like to request for transport to and from airport staying at Banyan Tree and probably 1 day tour.

Can you give us a quote on your charges?


Date: 04/10/2013

By: Emir Yulchiyev

Subject: Thank you, Mr.Samui !!!

I found a link to the website of Mr. Samui (of course ,his real name is different…
Mr. Suphot, if I'm correct, but he calls himself Mr.Samui , it's easier for him and for farangs ) on tripadvisor . There is e-mail and telephone mentioned at Mr.Samui’s site.
I called and speak directly about price and other details.
Mr. Samui speaks very good English . He likes to joke, easy to talk to.

We needed a car with a driver (for 5 adults + 2 childs) for a few hours for sightseeing excursion at he island.

We didn’t bargain actually and just agreed on a price of 3,000 baht as total including gasoline.

You can rely on Mr. Koh Samui in making the sightseeing route for you if you are too lazy to google.
Or you can make a list for yourself and Mr.samui will just will advise on what you should spend more time and choose the best route.

By the way, thanks to his advice, we had more time at Paradise Park ( cancelling visit to Magic Garden ( which we actually visited while our previous visit to Samui)/ If we didn’t get good and valuable advise, the Paradise Park would have either been closed or would have been too dark for swimming and photos, while the view from the pool in Paradise Park is amazing .

We agreed to start from 10 a.m. (Mr. Samui came on time, even earlier ) till 16:00 or 17:00 o'clock , but actually finished at 17:30 or 18:00 and Mr.Samui didn’t ask any additional payment for this.

He also met us at the airport and drove to Chaweng Buri hotel ( 3 adults and a child) for 300 baht. IMHO , it's even a bit cheaper ( if you have to pay for a child also), or at least the same, if you go by ordinary shuttle minivan from the airport for 100 baht per person and wait for more people for this shuttle which takes time.

Later, his friend drove us to the Big C and waited there for around 3 hours (we paid only 300 batt) , as well as to the Big Buddha (waiting for an hour and a half ) and from there to the hotel (we again paid only 300 bat for everything) . Nice and friendly lady and her big car is new one.

Mr.Samui has in his disposal new minivan for 10-12 people , his brother’s car (passenger type) , SUV and so on . At the prices you can bargain . You can negotiate to use for the whole day or you can just use like a taxi to go to one address and back. Prices are negotiable. As I told for the minivan we paid for the whole day 3,000 batt in total for the car.

We found mr.Samui to be pleasant, cheerful and honest person ( leaving our personal belongings’ in his car when we went to see the show in the zoo, to the temple ) .
Also, when the kids were tired and wanted to sit in the car without going out for sightseeing , he stayed in the car with the kids and our mother-in-law and entertained them with some funny stories. And though they all didn’t speak English or Thai, they had fun.
The next time we will surely use his service again.
We think it’s reasonable price for having fun, seating in the good car, drinking bear and enjoy sightseeing instead of driving yourself, looking for the best route, how to reach this or that sightseeing place. Better to give it to professional.
Of course, I’m just sharing information and posting our own feeling.
Decide for yourself .

P.S. Mr.Samui has a child , if you will take with a small souvenir or a toy from your country, it might be not difficult for you but very pleasant for Mr.Samui.

Date: 15/09/2013

By: gloria

Subject: drive around koh sa mui

November 2, 2013
From Cruise Port (Diamond Princess)
Pick up at 9:30 a.m
Drive to see the Big Buddah (30 min stop)
Wat Plai Laem (30 mins stop)
Any other recommendation
Back no later than1:30 p.m.
Driver fluent in English
Air-conditioned and clean vehicle
Cost, payment details, cancellation policy

Date: 14/09/2013

By: Rajni

Subject: Samui Island

we have emailed you our requirements. please reply

Date: 08/07/2013

By: marl littlejohn

Subject: hire car for tommorrow. half day 9th july.

Can you please tell me if you have a car availble tommorrow, and what is the price. We are at mai samui resort and want to go to the crocodile farm and chaweng.

Date: 26/06/2013

By: Mark

Subject: chaweng toPatong

Could You Please Give Me A Price For A One Way Transfer From Chaweng To Patong In A Private Car For Two People


Date: 26/06/2013

By: Mr Samui

Subject: Re: chaweng toPatong

Please send us an email with your question! @

Date: 17/06/2013

By: Kayb Tom

Subject: Hotel transfer

Hi i need a transfer on 19/6/2013 .Location from KC Beach club hotel (Chaweng )to
The Sunset Beach Resort (Taling Ngam ).

And one Airport transfer on 22/6/2013 Saturday
Location from The Sunset Beach Resort to Airport
Can u send me the prices ?My email
Thank you !
Kayb Tom

Date: 26/06/2013

By: Mr Samui

Subject: Re: Hotel transfer

Please send us an email with your question! @

Date: 24/04/2013

By: Yusuf

Subject: Trasnfer from Airport to Ferry


we come to Koh Samui on 5th May, at 14:35, we need to ferry lines, for transfer to Koh Phanang, I wonder if you can help us also how would it cost? Thanks

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